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The X factor? Let us call it just that!


The job market can be cruel, and unforgiving. Especially at time when you would find yourself stuck in some sort of a purgatory when things do not go well between you and your employer, and at a time when you find yourself asking: what is the way out when there is no way out for now?

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Jones the Grocer

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that It is well evident that our tiny little island has been going through a sort of food revolution for a few years. With new restaurants opening left and right, it was time for Jones the Grocer to open its its doors to this market. Jones the Grocer, an Australian gourmet food chain, vision was to fuse the cafe scene with a premium retail offering.

Located in the heart of Amwaj, its remarkable square-ish presence with its glass fascia is unmissable if you are a seasonal Amwaj visitor. Walk through the doors, and you are welcomed into the smoking section. Through another set of glass doors is the non-smoking section, and cafe itself. The interior is undeniably modern. The dark furniture, against the glass surroundings  gives a feeling of understated classiness. Continue reading “Jones the Grocer”

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The case for the apple watch 

The Apple Watch has been out in the will for a good 4 months, and I have not got one! This is news since I am an early adopter of all things Apple. Since 2007, I have owned the first iPhone, the first unibody MacBook, and the first iPad. Subsequently, the company had lured me into getting a new iPhone/ iPad almost every year.

So what has happened? Simply, I have grown up! In the past year and half or so, I have developed a taste for finer things in life. I have learned to dress well, eat better, and work out more often. One of those things that my best friend has taught me well is his love for watches. See, some people see watches as merely a tool to tell time. While others see the soul within its movement that makes it tick. Continue reading “The case for the apple watch “

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The 5 New Product Updates in #AppleEvent

It is that time of the year again, where all the dust settles on all the rumors and speculations, and we sit down thinking how our latest Apple gadgetry are now rendered obsolete by the same people who made it.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., started his keynote with the promise that the announcements in this event would be “monster announcements”. Now whether this claim bore fruition is completely up for debate. So, here is what we learned from today’s announcement: Continue reading “The 5 New Product Updates in #AppleEvent”

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A night at ART Rotana

After 3 horrendously busy weeks at work, a chance for a break presented itself in the form of staying at ART Rotana in Amwaj. I jumped on the opportunity like a prized prey.

So we packed our suitcase and made our way north of the island to Amwaj islands. Drove our way to the valet only for it to be absolutely empty (rejoice!). Inside the hotel was a different story though. The main lobby was lively with activities. Bellboys carrying bags, guests checking-in, passersby passing by! What really strikes you though, a Continue reading “A night at ART Rotana”

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5 things you learn when switching to a fancy gym

I started working out about 2 1/2years ago. At the time, I had just lost a good 40kg (that’s right, kilograms), and I was feeling horrendous. I had never felt so weak, never felt so ‘loose’.

That was my awakening. I took my first step into fitness, and I joined my local gym, which just happened to be the biggest, most serious, yet not the fanciest gym out there.

2 years on, and I reached a point of boredom of the scene. Not of working out. No. But of seeing the exact same long, rectangular gym filled to the brim with orange equipment (looking back I think it was the orange I was tired of seeing).

And so I joined a new, fancier gym. Here are my first impressions: Continue reading “5 things you learn when switching to a fancy gym”

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Hooting Generation

The day was 18th April 2004. A beautiful sunny day when I passed my driving test and got my driving license.

Granted, the first few days, maybe months were terrifying, and I was not allowed to drive alone. Not because people drove terribly. But because it was my, perhaps, 15th time behind the wheel. What I remember vividly though was how courteous everyone was. I would drive for the whole day barely hearing anyone hoot at another. Everyone seemed calm and collected. Continue reading “Hooting Generation”

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A new dawn

Well, here I am then.

Sitting with my laptop, conveniently on my lap, thinking “WOAH! I started a blog!”.

I thought long and hard about this, and I believe this is the right time to start it. Not that I will change your life in any way or anything. You see, I am a person of many interests. ANYTHING can spark my interest. Motors, boats, engines, technology, sports, the quantum theory, particle physics, a good poem, architecture, you name it, and believe me when I say that I will find teeny tiny piece of me that is remotely interested.

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